UnitingWorld is the international partnerships agency of the Uniting Church in Australia. We believe every person matters and that together we’re called to build lives that are whole and hopeful. We connect people and communities in Australia, the Pacific, Asia and Africa to work together to overcome poverty and injustice.

Our Approach

We work alongside local church communities across the Pacific, Asia and Africa. Our work is guided by local people who have the best knowledge to meet their own needs. They are determined and resourceful, and we help provide the means and training to help their communities thrive long term.

Our Values

We value the partnership we have with these communities and learn from each other through relationships that stretch back over a hundred years. We also learn from and share our partners’ hope, resilience and faith.

Everything in Common – The ethical Gift Catalogue

Each gift in the Everything in Common catalogue helps people across the Pacific, Asia and Africa to build the kind of world we all hope for. Gifts like clean water, education, chickens and the chance for families to live with dignity.

How it Works

Buy a gift, dedicate it to a loved one and spread twice the joy!
Choose a gift from the catalogue, and complete your order online or call us with your payment details. Choose how you’d like to receive your card:

  • We deliver beautifully printed cards to you OR
  • You send it as an eCard to someone OR
  • You print the card at home

How it Makes a Difference

So I bought a chicken - now what? When you purchase a gift from the catalogue you directly support the whole project the gift represents. For example, when you buy a chicken your gift directly contributes to the project as a whole, which includes provision of livestock, materials and small business training. These give communities the tools to earn a living and break the poverty cycle. Where we receive donations beyond the requirements of a particular project, donations are used in similar projects.

Why are some gifts tax-deductible and others not?

Gifts marked as tax-deductible (TD) represent our aid and development work, such as projects that address poverty alleviation, gender equality, climate justice, leadership training and responding to emergencies.

Gifts without the tax deductible symbol represent our work standing alongside and equipping churches in their ministry. This includes projects around leadership development, education and theological training. The focus of these may at times have a church mission emphasis and therefore such gifts do not qualify for tax deductibility status under Australian law.

How long will it take my gift cards to arrive?

It is our commitment to fulfil your order asap and get your cards to you within 7 days. If you order online you will receive an immediate confirmation of your order. November and December are busy months, not only for our processing team but also for Australia Post! So, please place your order as early as possible - we may post your cards first and send your receipt at a later date.

Where can I lodge a complaint or feedback?

UnitingWorld is committed to learning, reflection and improving our effectiveness. We highly value the contributions and feedback of our supporters and partners, so if you have a complaint please get in touch. For details on how to lodge a complaint, see our Complaints Procedure.

All About Gift Stalls

Hosting an Everything in Common ethical gift stall is a really easy way to join us in working for a better world. See below for creative ideas. Hold the stall at a time that attracts the most attention and decorate it with textiles or pictures of what’s on offer. We supply the catalogues, posters, beautiful gift cards and instructions. It’s a great way to get your community thinking about what’s meaningful, and spreading the idea that giving more ‘stuff’ isn’t what the world needs right now. Call us on 1800 998 122 or send an email to info@unitingworld.org.au and we’ll be pleased to get you started.

I’d like to hold a gift stall – what should I do?

  1. Seek Permission from your minister, church council, workplace manger, local shop owner, teacher or principal.
  2. Order your Gift Stall materials. Contact us at info@unitingworld.org.au or call 1800 998 122 and we'll send you everything you need including your Guide to Host a Stall.
  3.  Set the Date and Promote the Stall. Hold the stall after Sunday worship, or with other community events during the year. We'll send posters to help promote the stall in advance. This way, people will come prepared to shop! 
  4.  Set up your Gift Stall. Lay out the catalogues, cards and decorate your stall to attract attention. Review the order process and read over these FAQs so you know how to respond to questions.
  5. How to Record Purchases
    STEP 1.  People choose their gifts and complete the donation coupon by: 
    • filling in their choice of gifts on the front of the coupon
    • filling in payment details on the reverse side
    • filling in address details to be sent a receipt
    STEP 2.  People hand the coupon to you and then select the gift cards and envelopes as per the coupon.
    STEP 3.  People pay you via Credit Card, Cheque or Cash. Record all payments on the Donation Details Form.
  6. Recording Payments
    Credit card or cheque is the preferred method of payment and UnitingWorld will post a receipt to those who provide their details on the coupon. Please ensure it is complete. Cash payments should also be recorded on the coupon. Keep a record of all payments on the Donation Details Form and send this to UnitingWorld with all coupons. Please do not send cash in the mail. Rather, bank the cash and send UnitingWorld a cheque or make a deposit straight to UnitingWorld’s account:
    A/C Name: UnitingWorld
    BSB: 032 014
    Account Number: 182657
    Advise us of your deposit by calling 1800 998 122 or email deposit details directly to info@unitingworld.org.au

Creative Ideas
Use the gifts in the catalogue as a starting point for a talk or presentation about the children and families around the world who will experience Christmas differently this year due to poverty.

You can use this handy PowerPoint to introduce Everything in Common to churches.

Choose a gift and tell others why these make such a difference to people who live in poverty. You can find stories on our website (including some short videos) and plenty of other information about the projects we support.

With the children in your class or adults in your community, set a target to fundraise as a group for a particular gift. Brainstorm fundraising ideas like mufti days or concerts to help meet your target – invite gold coin donations. At Christmas, set up a tree and hang the gift cards on the branches. Encourage kids and adults alike to bring their money to buy gift cards. The key to your success is encouraging excitement at the prospect of being generous, for every donation is used to build peace, dignity, hope and love.

Let us know how you go, and please send us any photos you have permission to share.