How does Everything in Common make a difference?
So I bought a chicken - now what? When you purchase a gift from the catalogue you directly support the whole project the gift represents. For example, when you buy a chicken card your gift directly contributes to the provision of livestock, materials and small business training. These projects give communities the tools to earn a living and break the cycle of poverty. Where we receive donations beyond the requirements of a particular project, donations are used in similar projects.

Why are some gifts tax-deductible and others not?
Gifts marked as tax-deductible (TD) represent our aid and development work; projects that address poverty alleviation, gender equality, climate justice, leadership training and responding to emergencies.

Gifts without the tax deductible symbol represent our work standing alongside and equipping churches in their ministry. This includes projects around leadership development, education and theological training. The focus of these may at times have a church mission emphasis and therefore such gifts do not qualify for tax-deductible status under Australian law.

How long will it take my gift cards to arrive?
It is our commitment to fulfill your order asap and get your cards to you within 7 business days. If you order online you will receive an immediate confirmation.  December is a busy month, not only for our processing team but also for Australia Post! So, please place your order as early as possible for the best chance in receiving your cards on time. We may post your cards first and send your receipt at a later date.

Why can I trust UnitingWorld?
We work directly at the grass-roots, with churches that are deeply embedded in their communities and led by local people. Our close relationships with local partners means we are able to clearly see that your gifts benefit those in greatest need, with solutions that are right for the people and the place.

UnitingWorld is accredited with the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and we are a proud partner in Australia’s aid program. To maintain accreditation, UnitingWorld's systems, policies and processes are rigorously reviewed by the Australian Government.

We are a full member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID), and as signatory to the ACFID Code of Conduct we are required to meet the highest standards of corporate governance, public accountability and financial management.

We work hard to ensure all donations are used efficiently and targeted to make the most impact in people’s lives. To run our projects with careful planning, oversight and evaluation of our work, there are unavoidable administrative overheads. These account for approximately 10% of our total expenditure. UnitingWorld’s full finances can be found in our Annual Report.

UnitingWorld is committed to ethical practice, transparency, sustainability and accountability across our work, including our use of your donations and any data collected. Read our Privacy Policy.

Where can I lodge a complaint or feedback?
UnitingWorld is committed to learning, reflection and improving our effectiveness. We highly value the contributions and feedback of our supporters and partners, so if you have a complaint please get in touch. For details on how to lodge a complaint, see our Complaints Procedure.

How can I get my church or community group involved? 
By hosting a gift stall!

Hosting an Everything in Common gift stall is a really easy way to join us in working for a better world. We supply the catalogues, posters, beautiful gift cards and instructions. It’s a great way to get your community thinking about what’s meaningful, and spreading the idea that giving more ‘stuff’ isn’t what the world needs right now.

I’d like to hold a gift stall – what should I do?
Call us on 1800 998 122 or send an email to and we’ll be pleased to get you started. Click here for more info about gift stalls.