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Everything in Common Advocates tell stories and promote gifts of education, clean water, goats, health supplies...

If your church is meeting physically during November and December, we can give you everything you need to hold a simple stall to sell the gift cards (see below). If you're still online, we can help you out with that too. We've got an inspiring online training session and easy resources to download to share with your congregation, family and friends.

The only thing we need from you is your willingness to share the love!

Interested to know more? Register here and we'll get in touch. Let's get the word out together and be part of the good news our world needs this Christmas!


Host a Gift Stall

Host an Everything in Common gift stall and offer gifts that fight poverty and build hope. You'll be sharing the vision of our church partners in the Pacific, Asia and Africa as they respond to poverty and injustice in their communities.

Hosting a gift stall is easy:

1. Seek permission

Speak to your minister, church council, workplace manager, teacher or principal to gain permission before starting your Everything in Common gift stall.

2. Order your gift stall

Click here to register online.
You can also contact us on or call 1800 998 122 - we'll send you everything you need.

3. Launch!

Set up the stall and go! You can run it after Sunday worship at church, at end of year events like community carols or market days.

4. Promote your stall

In your gift stall pack you'll find great resources to decorate and promote your stall to others in your church and community. You can download digital and print resources below:

Promotional resources for 2021

Download promo video (preview it below)


More videos: Clean water video | Education video | Goats video

Download printable posters

Download decorative bunting for your stall

Download adverts: Landscape

Download 2021 Catalogue (PDF)

 More resources (via Google Drive)

5. Record Purchases

STEP 1.  People choose their gifts and complete the donation coupon by: 

      1. filling in their choice of gifts on the front of the coupon
      2. filling in payment details on the reverse side
      3. filling in address details to be sent a receipt.

STEP 2.  People hand the coupon to you and then select the gift cards and envelopes as per the coupon.

STEP 3.  People pay you via credit card, cheque or cash. Record all payments on the Donation Details Form.

Recording Payments

Credit card or cheque is the preferred method of payment and UnitingWorld will post a receipt to those who provide their details on the coupon. Please ensure it is complete. Cash payments should also be recorded on the coupon. Keep a record of all payments on the Donation Details Form and send this to UnitingWorld with all coupons. Please do not send cash in the mail. Rather, bank the cash and send UnitingWorld a cheque or make a deposit straight to UnitingWorld’s account:

Account Name: UnitingWorld Donations
032 014
Account Number:
Everything in Common

Please email deposit details to or call 1800 998 122 

Creative Ideas

Use the gifts in the catalogue as a starting point for a talk or presentation about the children and families around the world who will experience gift giving differently due to poverty.

Choose a gift and tell others why these make such a difference to people who live in poverty. You can find stories on our website (including some short videos) and plenty of other information about the projects we support.

With the children in your class or adults in your community, set a target to fundraise as a group for a particular gift. Brainstorm fundraising ideas like mufti days or concerts to help meet your target – invite gold coin donations. At Christmas, set up a tree and hang the gift cards on the branches. Encourage kids and adults alike to bring their money to buy gift cards. The key to your success is encouraging excitement at the prospect of being generous, for every gift is used to build peace, dignity, hope and love.

Let us know how you go, and please send us any photos you have permission to share! (You will need to use the photography permission forms on page 7 and 8 of the How To Run A Gift Stall document.)