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Share the love of Christmas... hold an Everything in Common Gift Stall and offer gifts that change lives. You'll be sharing the vision of our church partners in Asia, Africa and the Pacific as they respond to poverty and injustice in their own communities.

Hosting a gift stall is easy! See the instructions below or click here for a PDF of this guide.

Simple steps to host an Everything in Common Gift Stall

1.    Seek Permission

Speak to your minister, church council, workplace manager, teacher or principal.

2.    Order your Gift Stall

Contact us on info@unitingworld.org.au or call 02 8267 4267 - we'll send you everything you need.

3.    Set the Date and Promote the Stall

In the lead up to Christmas, hold the stall on its own or with other end of year events such as community carols, market days or after Sunday worship.

We'll send posters to help you promote your gift stall in advance. In this way people will come prepared to make a purchase. Also feel free to use the sample newsletter notice, email text and Facebook post below.

4.    Set up your Gift Stall (and review the order process)

See instructions in the Guide to Host a Stall.

5.    How to Record Purchases

1.  People choose their gifts and complete the donation coupon by: 
• filling in their choice of gifts on the front of the coupon
• filling in payment details on the reverse side
• filling in address details to be sent a receipt

2.  People hand the coupon to you and you select the gift cards and envelopes as per the coupon.

3.  Payments are received via Credit Card, Cheque or Cash. Record all payments on the Donation Details Form.

6.   Recording Payments

Credit card or cheque is the preferred method of payment and UnitingWorld will post a receipt to those who provide their details on the coupon. Please ensure it is complete.

Cash payments should also be recorded on the coupon. Please use the Cash Receipt Book to issue receipts for cash received on the day.

Keep a record of all payments on the Donation Details Form and send this to UnitingWorld with all coupons and copy of cash receipts. Please do not send cash in the mail. Rather, bank the cash and send UnitingWorld a cheque or make a deposit straight to UnitingWorld’s account:

A/C Name: Uniting Church World Mission General Donations Account
BSB: 032014
Account Number: 920613

Advise us of your deposit by calling 02 8267 4267 or email deposit details directly to info@unitingworld.org.au

Promoting your Everything in Common Gift Stall...

Text for newsletter or email (remember to insert date).

A gift catalogue with a difference!

Everything in Common is the Uniting Church in Australia’s very own gift catalogue.

Each gift directly supports the life-giving work of our church partners in Asia, Africa and the Pacific as they respond to poverty and injustice in their communities.

On Sunday we'll be hosting a Gift Stall where you can buy a gift for family and friends. The range of unique gifts start at just $10 and include Beehives, Goats and Water Taps, School Supplies for children. There’s something for everyone!

On Facebook

Looking for gifts with a difference this Christmas? How about the 'tippy tap' device for taps in PNG or school fees to support education for kids in the Eastern Himalayas? We're hosting an Everything in Common Gift Stall this [insert day/week] at [church or school name]. Come along to buy gifts that will change lives.

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